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Rainmaker for hire!

"Defined as an almost uncanny ability to generate new business, attract clients, gather investments, or otherwise help the company succeed."

You want to make the most from every "customer" engagement - whether you are presenting a new concept, seeking funding or selling your product or service. That's where I'll add value as either an agent for your "brand" or as a business development coach for you.

What can I do for you today?

Developing and delivering compelling concepts and enhanced results with your product or service

What do you need help with?  Finding a brand ambassador who understands sell in and sell through - from executive to floor salesperson? Creating compelling presentations - from one minute elevator introductions to comprehensive introductions or trainings? Assistance with defining your unique selling proposition to match what your customer is looking for? Coaching your sales team how to sell more and with enhanced customer satisfaction and repeat business? The secrets to managing profitable "attachment" sales? Coaching on public speaking or just someone to deliver a memorable presentation that creates change? I've done them all and am ready to apply my experience and expertise on your behalf - just click the contact me button!


See what my clients are saying about my approach to sales development and product and sales training

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"In 25 plus years of retails I have seen many sales trainers and motivational types present their theories, tips and tactics on the "how to do sales". None have come close to the insights Rex is able to deliver in a way where the team "just gets it", not just from a 'how' point of view but from a 'who, why, when and where' perspective."

Richard Gostich Franchisee Harvey Norman

"Rex has designed training and sales implementation programs at the world's largest and most successful retailers in the U.S., Europe and Asia. If you have a product that is sold through retail and need to design a program to assure advocacy on the sales floor. it just doesn't get any better than Rex."

Peter Radsliff C-Level Marketing and Product Leader

"Early in my career....I attended a training seminar that Rex was conducting. I was so inspired that I asked if I could follow him around the country so I could learn to do what he did. I give Rex 90% of the credit for my success. The remaining 10% goes me for recognizing the opportunity. He is quite simply the best at what he does."

Tim Childers Principal Digital Sales Group

"I know of very few people in the industry with his level of global experience- and with the entire value chain from manufacturing to retailing. Personally I have sought out his thoughts often as I find his input to have great substance and practical value, and have followed his recommendations on many occasions."

Vassillis Tsakiris CEO Crystal Acoustics

Brand Ambassador for...

Driving sell in and ensuring sell through

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Video Samples

Short examples of presentation development and delivery